Friday, March 27, 2020

➢ flight at 12:15 Gran Canaria to Tarfaya

➢ At 14:30 arrival at Layoune airport (Local time)

➢ Departure 15:30 Bus ride on the roads of the Desert and transfer to the hotel in Tarfaya

➢ Reception and arrival snack in Tarfaya

➢ At 5:00 p.m. visit to the facilities of the tarfaya-Morocco OLR derby to see the arrival of the Grand Race pigeons PRESTIGE from Casablanca 1000 km

➢ Visit to the «Porte Atlantique» Craft and Trade Show

➢ At 21:00 welcome dinner

➢ «Porte Atlantique» Tarfaya Sporting Pigeons-Canarias Club

It is a 2-day event held on March 29 and 30, 2019 at the Derby Tarfaya-Morocco OLR facilities in Tarfaya, coinciding with the Derby final. This event shows local products and other suppliers and their latest news.

Participants and visitors «Porte Atlantique» Tarfaya Sporting Pigeons-Canarias Club determine the environment especially around pigeon races and sports birds.

In the stands there is time to talk, exchange opinions or simply walk around the Sample. Many contacts are shared here and experiences are exchanged. Shows with animals and with all the offer of all sectors to get to know each other better among the general public and fans and companies taking advantage of the Grand Final of the International Tarfaya-Morocco OLR Derby and an attractive program make the visit a unique experience.

 Saturday, March 28, 2020

➢ Breakfast at 8 in the hotel

➢ 8.30 hours Departure to the facilities of the Derby OLR Tarfaya-Morocco in Tarfaya

➢ 8.30 hours Opening of the «Porte Atlantique» Tarfaya Sporting Pigeons-Canarias Club at the same time that the pigeons are released in Agadir for the Grand Final of the Tarfaya-Morocco OLR Derby

➢ 8.30 FINAL RACE pigeons are released (if time permits) 500 km in AGADIR

* Lunch in the Loft. Enjoy the day with local fans and enjoy free food and drink

* You can buy Souvenirs and all kinds of things in the «Porte Atlantique» Exhibition

* Climate information at the travel points of the pigeons and the emission of videos.

* Great raffle for the start of Tarfaya-Morocco OLR, the special Golden Odyssey One loft Race

And good luck to all the participants in the races and sign up for the 2nd post-race from Casablanca at 1000 km away the world record of One Loft Race in pigeon competition, “LA CARRERA DE ORO”

Sunday, March 29, 2020

➢ Return to Gran Canaria

➢ 8.00 breakfast at the Hotel

➢ 8.30 visit the loft to check the pigeons that arrived early in the morning from Agadir and from Casablanca

➢ 11.00 departure from Tarfaya to the airport

➢ 13.45 flight departure to Gran Canaria

➢ 14,30 arrival in Gran Canaria (local time).

What includes?

Round trip flight to Aiunn from Gran Canaria

– Bus from the Aiun Airport to the Hotel in Tarfaya and return to the airport

– Stay at the hotel 2 nights – Show «Porte Atlantique» and End of Agadir 500 Km and End of Casablanca 1000 Km

– Breakfast and lunch and dinner


Booking date until December 30, 2019

contact person: Carlos Medina Jaber

Email: grupojaber@gmail.com

Tfn: 0034 645096462