Haven’t you decided to participate in the world’s unique derby, One Loft Challenge?

• Two winter races at the cost of one
• They develop at the same time
• One race is over the sea: Gran Canaria OLR over the Atlantic Ocean and the other, Tarfaya-Morocco, over the Sahara desert.
• Participants will be able to compare how their pigeons work at the same time on land and on sea, since the distances are the same for the two competitions.
• The two loft are right on the same line on the map, only separated by half an hour by plane, 260km exactly on the same line, and in two different countries and continents, Spain (Gran Canaria) and Morocco (Tarfaya).
• Pigeons fly in exactly the same climatic conditions: wind, humidity, visibility, temperature, etc …
• The two races are led by the same team of people who have been uninterrupted for more than 21 years, doing the Gran Canaria OLR, with the same method.
• The races can follow them, at the same time, by live stream.
• Two Finals in two weekends in a row and with organized plane trip to go to Morocco at the end of Tarfaya.
• Six HOT SPOT and two FINALS and about 200 cash prizes

Contact our shipper

Mark Williams
30 € per pigeon

All info: www.oneloftchallenge.com