Final Race: Results

congratulations to the champions All those who have achieved a pigeon in the Grand Final of the "Gran Canaria One Loft Race" are real champions. This year we had a very close and full of emotion with two pigeons topping the list of champions with some difference with the rest. Rising with the victory "SPIDERMAN", [...]

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Good morning, The grand final has already arrived, the pigeons were released at 9:00 in the coordinates 30º 36'1 N, 11º 58' W, which corresponds to a distance of between 440 to 450 kilometers. On Friday, before the basketing the veterinarian performed the pigeon health inspection and issued a health certificate confirming the [...]

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Venturer Sold Out: UPDATED

Goodnight We are pleased to announce that all the pigeons that were left to sponsor have been sold, thanks to all those who have placed their trust in us, Due to the sponsorship of these pigeons, there is a change in the basketing, the pigeons remain the same, the only thing that changes is the [...]

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FINAL RACE: Basket List

Hello, We have finished the basketing, thanks to everyone for their help and the viewers for being with us today. The luck is cast, on Sunday we will see the final result of these great competitors, good luck to all!  

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Public Basketing for Final Race

Good Morning, Today we had planned a series of events prior to basketing and a bus from melenara to the loft, but unfortunately not enough people signed up to fill the minimum quota. We want to emphasize that everyone who wants to come is invited to come, if they find it difficult to get there, [...]

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The second and last HOTSPOT is over, Congratulation to the winner, it was a hard Race, but we achieve a 78,2% of returns. HOTSPOT II: Result HOTSPOT II: Top 10 ACE Pigeon  See you on the final!

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HOTSPOT II: Puerto del Rosario

Good morning Today we are doing the HOTSPOT II, libberation were at 9:00 Good Luck everyone! The livestream is up, we invite you to participate in the chat! Livestream: http://listing.grancanariaolr.com/live-feed.php Live list: http://listing.grancanariaolr.com/live-race.php We are also on facebook live!  

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Live basketing HOTSPOT II

Good morning, We are doing the live basketing for next HOTSPOT, but we have a little problem with youtube platform and we are livestreaming in youtube 

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The venturer pigeons are almost sold out, this is the last chance to adquire one of them at the current price 150€, after next HOTSPOT the price for the venturer pigeons will be 200€, so hurry up! The venturer list is updated with the pigeons in the loft VENTURER LIST

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