Want to discover Tarfaya? There are a thousand ways to do it. Tarfaya, a jewel still deserted, along the Atlantic coast, located between the ocean and the desert and offers a universe of contrasts… Tarfaya is an enclave city located in the desert, is a perennial small fishing port that faces the Canary Islands.
Tarfaya is a town in southern Morocco, called Villa Bens during the Spanish period. It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, 890 km south-west of Rabat, with a population of 7,000.
Tarfaya is a large city with a history dating back more than two and a half centuries, as evidenced by its historical monuments indicating the presence of the colonial powers as it was occupied in 1882 by the English. They built there a commercial counter called Casa del Mar, Currently in a state of complete disrepair.
As part of a strong desire to develop tourism in this region, the maritime line linking Tarfaya to the Canary Islands is expected to prosper in the near future.
A project to build a tourist center in Tarfaya is expected to be built as well as a wind farm. Speaking of Tarfaya it has also miles of white sand beach, a still intact landscape of wild nature, a population among which emblematic figures still testify to the great epochs related to their small town.
Tarfaya still an unrecognized small authentic city with an undergoing development that should put it quickly on the list of the major tourist destinations of the Kingdom.