We will visit the cities of Malaga, Cadiz, Seville, Badajoz, Madrid and Lisbon, in Portugal.

Send your birds to the world's only derby, as these are two simultaneous races that take place in two lofts located in two different countries, Spain and Morocco, at the same height and separated by 260 km.

One team flies over the sea, Gran Canaria, and the other over the desert, Morocco-Tarfaya, in the same climatic conditions.

The Challenge team consists of 6 active pigeons + 4 reserves for 500 euros

GRAN CANARIA OLR 3+2 (over the Atlantic Ocea
n)MOROCCO-TARFAYA OLR 3+2 (over the Sa
hara) PRESTIGE RACE, in Casablanca, 1,000 km, the super desert test (free 2 pigeons for each participant of the Derbys)

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