Dear participants and fans in these extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, maintaining our commitment to service that we have given for so many years, and in view of the legal possibility offered by phase 1 of the de-escalation of the state of alarm that enables the entry of Pigeons at the Lofts we started receiving pigeons for this new special edition.

For this Edition the Gran Canaria OLR Derby and the Tarfaya-Maroc OLR Derby with the intention that all fans can participate in the face of the serious economic consequences that the Covid 19 is leaving, we make a considerable effort as in the beginning more than 20 years ago.

Special Edition 20-21
Free: The number of piogeons to enter
Free: Transportation from Seville to Gran Canaria and Tarfaya
Price: The entrance of a pigeon 25 €

Activation: in the first Hot Spot I (with prizes)
Price: Activation € 80
1st Prize: € 40,000 Gran Canaria OLR. Total prizes € 130,000
1st Prize: € 40,000 Tarfaya-Maroc OLR. Total prizes € 130,000
Free: the race from Casablanca 1000 km to Gran Canaria
Free: the race from Casablanca 1000 km to Tarfaya
You can find more information in the flayers and in the published bases
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