One Loft Challenge informs you that for reasons beyond our Organization, due to the delay in the delivery of the new pigeon transport vehicle, we are forced to postpone for a few days the first release that marks the start of the competition.

This delay will not change the scheduled Flight Plan since in a few days, being the short and circular pretraining to the Loft, we recover the pace of the competition,

The pigeons are healthy and little by little, and with the training in the Loft, they are beginning to catch height, without accelerating them much, so that when the important tests arrive, they are in top form

This year we will have a GREAT COMPETITION, with this 21st edition of the Gran Canaria OLR and 2nd Edition of the Tarfya- Morocco OLR with:

  • 22 Pretraining
    14 Training
    6 Hot Spots: 150 km 150 Km, 175 Km 175 Km, 225 Km 325 Km
    FINAL Agadir-Essaouira on land 500 Km in the desert, in the Derby de Tarfaya,
    FINAL distance of 500 Kms over sea in the Atlantic Ocean the Derby Gran Canaria
    The PRESTIGE super race from CASABLANCA with 1000 km. (Paris – Dakar One Loft Race)

The ONLY competition in the World, more than 2500 km of competition.

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