Greetings to all participants and fans of pigeon fancy, once the quarantine procedures required by the European Directive to the Parra Negra Center at the Gran Canaria OLR facilities have been completed, we have proceeded to publish the Flight Plan for this 21st Edition of Gran Canaria OLR and 2nd Edition of Tarfya-Morocco OLR as stated in the Calendar tab

Up to this moment and during the training period when the pigeons have been in the morning they have been released outside the loft and without discipline and with weekly baths with the necessary products

During the month of December we have proceeded to separate by sex to avoid unnecessary wear and stress on the birds and now we go to the different Stages of our One Loft Challenge Flight Plan and to guidelines with more discipline for the competition.

What is the One Loft Challenge Flight Plan?

It consists of 45 races between Pretraining, training, Hot Spots, Finals and The Grand Race PRESTIGE from Casablanca 1000 km, Sorted in 5 Parts for each Derbys according to the concepts of flights over land and flights over sea. You can see it in the different pages on the web:

1st Part: About 22 Pretraining, which are short loose from 0 to 15 km and in a circular direction like the hands of the clock, so that they know all the possible directions and wake up the orientation

2nd Part: About 14 ascending training in the distances on land and in the case of Gran Canaria OLR the training on sea is included

3rd Part: Six Hot Spots in more distant points with prizes and trophies as established in the bases of each Derby

4th part. The Final at a distance of 500 Kms over Sea in the Atlantic Ocean in the Derby Gran Canaria OLR and the Final in Agadir-Essaouira on land in the Derby de Tarfaya, in the desert

 5th Part: The PRESTIGE race of 1,000 Km from CASABLANCA


The One Loft Challenge team