Constantly improving, One Loft Challenge plans to incorporate this truck for the training and releases of the chicks that will participate in the 2020 edition. 

It is a truck with all the comforts that birds need, with an automated water system and great ventilation, for transfers in Morocco

It has a capacity for 50 cages with a corridor between the two rows quite wide for greater ventilation. 

The Challenge makes a difference because pigeons are measured both at sea and on land, as they are two simultaneous races that take place in Spain and Morocco, at the same height and separated by 260 km.

The Challenge team: 6 active pigeons + 4 reserves for 500 euros

-GRAN CANARIA OLR 3+2 (over the Atlantic Oc
ean)-MOROCCO-TARFAYA OLR 3+2 (over the
Sahara) -RACE PRESTIGE, from CASABLANCA, 1,000 km, the super desert test (free 2 pigeons for each Derbys participant)

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