Early forecasts predict the arrival of a new front that would bring rain and strong gusts of wind from southwest

This new front would bring rains and strong gusts of wind from the southwest and also a decrease in temperatures, although not as sharp as the past weeks.


On Thursday it would be noticed, at first, the arrival of the storm with cloudy intervals with probability of rain and weaker squalls locally more intense in the islands of greater relief.

By Friday, the skies will remain covered and the rains will go from weak to moderate and, in addition, do not rule out that they are locally strong with the arrival of storms in the afternoon, mainly on the islands of greater relief and affecting mainly on the southern slopes and West.

For this reason we are forced to postpone at least until next week the race scheduled for Saturday 24 (HOTSPOT I). We will be monitoring the weather forecast constantly to plan the best possible day for the race.

In this link: https://on.windy.com/198jg  you can see the forecast of the week regarding the wind. To get a good race it is necessary that the wind is north, northeast.

Pigeons go first!