Hello,As we anounce in the past post, we are going to do an extra race. The weather in the last weeks have been caotic and thinking about the pigeons we decided last week to pospone the race and do an extra race in between, so next monday we are going to the extra race from La Isleta, 15 Km, this race will give also ACE points, so good luck every one!The sea race is going to be at thursday and the following monday the Survival race, the race plan will updated now and will be like:

  • Training 10: La Isleta 15 km 12/02/18
  • Training 11: Sea 70 Km 15/02/18
  • SURVIVAL RACE: Jandía 120 Km 19/02/18
  • HOTSPOT I: Tarajalejo 150Km 24/02/18
  • HOTSPOT II: Puerto del Rosario 175 Km 03/03/18
  • HOTSPOT III: Puerto Calero 225 Km 10/03/18
  • FINAL: Sea 450-500 Km 18/03/18

We are going to try to follow the raceplan as hard as posible, but we depend on the weather.

As you can see we are now in last part of the competition, so, again GOOD LUCK!

Some Photos of the weather