Gran Canaria One Loft Race

Final Week

This year is very important for us, we celebrate 20 years creating dreams and champions and we want to share it with all the fans who have placed their trust in us.

For the last days of the race we have designed a series of events and excursions that are of tourist interest, such as a visit to the emblematic city of Arucas and the rum factory.


Friday 16th March:

North of Gran Canaria Excursion (Registration number: I-0002164.I)

  • Departure from Hotel Costa Meloneras (meeting point) at 08:00
  • City tour of arucas and factory rom from 9:00 to 10:45
  • Coffe break at 10:45

  • Public Basketing Process at 11:00 
  • Lunch break at 13:00 (free)
  • Continue Basketing process at 15:00
  • Bus to Hotel from Loft at 19:00 (Hour can be changed)

registration form at the bottom

Sunday 18 March:

  • Departure from Hotel Costa Meloneras (meeting point) at 10:30
  • FINAL RACE (birds will be libberated arround 08:30)
  • Great Raffle at 12:30
  • Lunch at 13:00


  • Friday Bus (Meloneras – Arucas and Loft- Meloneroas): 15€
  • North of Gran Canaria Excursion: 20€
  • Sunday Bus (Meloneras – Loft and Loft – Meloneras): 15€

If you want to take the tour please fill the registration form

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