Dear fans and participants

First of all I would like to greet you again with the satisfaction that you are all well and with the hope that this situation will pass as soon as possible.

Inform them that in this break we have been preparing and training the pigeons daily, as they have been able to verify in the information that we have been periodically publishing on the web and social networks.

Start up

The Canary Islands, like many areas of Spain, enters this Monday in phase 1 of the de-escalation plan of the state of Alarma approved by the Government of Spain (we provide a published summary), from this moment we begin the promotion of this edition and the reception of chicks.

In Morocco we will be pending the publication of the plans of the Government of the Country and we will inform you from that moment.

We know that this situation has been exceptional and will have consequences for the future in all human activities, and from that perspective we have understood that the next edition must be up to such circumstances.

One Loft Challenge, being aware of the economic repercussion of the events that have taken place, has considered the restructuring of the competition adapted to reality and wants to make it easier for all fans to access these different and special one Loft Races Challenge races.

That is why the rules for the next edition 2020-2021 obey this very special situation and that is why we want to return to the initial proposals after 22 Years. We return to our tradition.

Next documents to publish.

a) Bases of the Special Edition 20-21

b) flayers

c) Dates of reception at the “Gramobel SL-Parra Negra Quarantine Services” Center for subsequent entry into Morocco for the Tarfaya Derby

Greetings and have a happy competition

One Loft Challenge

Summary of the de-escalation plan for the state of Alarma in Spain

-Meetings of up to 10 people inside and outside the house, keeping the safety distance of two meters and respecting hygiene regulations regarding hand washing and «respiratory etiquette».

-Use of car of up to 9 seats by the inhabitants of the same home.

-Open terraces at 50% of their capacity. There will have to be a minimum distance of two meters between the tables and the client groups will have a maximum of ten people. In addition, the tables will have to be disinfected between one client and the other, and common cards and napkin holders cannot be used.

-Opening stores of less than 400 square meters without an appointment. The maximum capacity for shops will be 30%, it will be necessary to maintain a minimum safety distance of two meters and….

-Vakes for a limited number of family members in public or private facilities: fifteen people outdoors or ten in closed spaces….

-Outdoor markets on public roads, with distance conditions between stalls and delimitation of the street market….

-The places of worship will open, although only up to a third of their capacity will be allowed.

Furthermore, when the Government announced the Plan for the transition to a new normality, it announced that other activities would also be allowed in phase 1. They were as follows:

-Educational and university centers will open for disinfection, conditioning and administrative and preparatory work for teachers and auxiliary personnel.

-Opening of hotels without use of common areas.

-Libraries will offer the loan service, also reading with limited capacity.

–In the cultural field, acts of less than 30 people will be allowed in closed places (with a third capacity) and less than 200 people, always….

-Active and nature tourism for limited groups of people.

-Non-professional sport: in open-air sports facilities without an audience, only to practice sports in which there is no contact such as athletics or tennis. In sports centers, individual sports activities by appointment in sports centers that do not involve physical contact or the use of changing rooms.

-Professional sport: opening of high-performance centers with reinforced hygiene and protection measures and, if possible, shifts. Average training in professional leagues.